Yael Dray

Singer / Musician / Composer,

Zaza Flamenca

“Zaza Flamenca” former “Yael & Gabriel” Band has been established by Yael, a French / Israeli singer, musician, actress and composer. The Band is composed by Yael on vocals and acoustic  guitar and percussions played by Orlando Muniz. Orlando is originally from Puerto Rico and is part of the band “Grove Bender”. Orlando’s heritage gives a delightful Latin flavor to the duo.

The music is a progressive music influenced by Gypsy Jazz , French music , Flamenco and Latin Vibes. Zaza Flamenca plays music from all over the world  in 10 different languages : French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Hebrew…

Yael was the opening Act of the Latin Grammy Winner Leo Dan. She is a graduate of Queens College as a master of jazz (2014).