Ellie Schultze

Chef / Owner,

Vilano Main Street Diner / Chez L’Amour

Ellie Schultze grew up in St. Augustine and got her Business Degree at the University of Central Florida. Starting at just 14 years old, she’s worked her way through nearly every position in restaurants, from bussing tables to head chef. She’s an avid traveler who’s been to over 50 countries and taken cooking classes in Mexico, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, and Nicaragua, finally landing in NYC to attend culinary school and learn the ropes in the fast-paced cutthroat kitchens of the city.

Ellie went to the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC, where she was trained in classic cooking techniques, focusing on healthy dietary alternatives like vegetarian, gluten free, and auravedic philosophies.

After years in restaurants, she turned to recipe development, and has worked as the Head of Research and Development for a national ice cream brand based in Brooklyn, in charge of sourcing specialty ingredients, streamlining operating procedures, and creating new ice cream flavors.

Ellie moved back to St. Augustine in 2021 to work towards the goal of opening her own restaurant. While her dream concept, Vilano Main Street Diner, is still waiting to get open, she’s jumped straight back into the community as a private chef, caterer, and volunteer. She’s currently the chef at Chez L’amour on San Marco Ave, Uptown St. Augustine.

Chez L’amour is a music venue, jazz bar, eclectic social dining concept and romantic destination, with an international love affair with food. You’ll find dishes inspired by South East Asia, the South of France, South America, and South Africa, pretty much everything except St. Augustine’s typical Southern fare, intentionally bringing something new to our old town.